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Eliminate Financial Risk by Moving from Fragmented Oracle Hyperion

Running core financial processes on legacy Oracle Hyperion Applications hurts the performance of your finance teams and carries considerable risk for the business: frequent application downtimes delay critical finance processes. Long-winded and difficult implementations lead to late response to market and organization changes. Also, periodic and costly technology upgrades hinder IT modernization and scale.

Today, OneStream provides a unified modern EPM solution with a smooth adoption path for Oracle Hyperion users to help you eradicate these risks.

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5 Key Considerations for Oracle Hyperion Users

Telecommunication companies ought to consider 5 critical factors to decide how to support critical finance processes while supporting the digital innovation required for today’s pace of change.

  • Total Cost of Ownership: have you considered that replicating Hyperion in the cloud may require multiple instances, including integration points, and time spent in moving data
  • Efficiency: Have you considered that each pod and unique product requires its own data loading and replication, data reconciliation, security, as well as customer integration resources to move data between them?
  • Risk: Will your organization be able to solve for additional process challenges without adding costs for Oracle Cloud EPM software and new environments?
  • Effectiveness: Has your organization considered the effectiveness of making new hardware, data management, disaster recovery investments without moving forward in functionality?
  • References: Have you had the chance to talk to many customer references who migrated their Hyperion solution to Oracle EPM Cloud?

Companies That Are Future-Proofing Their CPM Processes.

Many asset-intensive, service-oriented organizations in Telco and other industries are moving off legacy Hyperion applications, offering their finance teams the opportunity to set an altogether new path forward for corporate performance management (CPM).
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Over 1300+ companies use OneStream to unify key finance processes and turn data into actionable insights

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In addition to consolidations, OneStream offers full budgeting and forecasting capabilities along with superior cash flow reporting and a solution for account reconciliations that replaced our previous account reconciliation solution. The Guided Workflows provide simple end user steps that allow us to focus on results instead of mechanics.
Pam Brady | Global Financial Business Analyst

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