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Building a Next-Generation Finance and Accounting Team

February 22


Duration: 1 Hour

As a strategic partner of the business, Finance must lead from the front to drive change, build trust and enable their organizations to manage uncertainties, be resilient and deliver sustainable outcomes. This has also reinforced the need, now more than ever, to put your teams at the center of business transformation and teach them the new skills required to future proof your finance function.

Join our expert leadership panel to discuss:

  • How being collaborative can place Finance teams at the centre of business innovation and excellence. Uncover insights on how to seamlessly collaborate with other business units, ensuring a smooth growth journey for your organization.
  • How can you impact team culture from the inside out? Change isn’t just about implementing new systems – and  instead organizational change must come from within for a truly sustainable transformation.
  • Learn how to attract and adapt new talent, skill up for success and the key qualities to look for when hiring and retaining new talent.
  • Explore the intersection of technology and understand the tools your team needs to be prepared and how technology can enable them to thrive.
  • Gain insights into fostering career growth, ensuring your team’s professional development is a priority, and so you can retain great talent.
  • Address the work/life balance dilemma and explore how technology can be leveraged to restore equilibrium in the modern work environment.
  • Delve into the crucial topic of mental health—discover strategies to support your team’s well-being and help them thrive both professionally and personally. Don’t miss this opportunity to change Finance for the better. Register now for an enlightening journey towards building a resilient and forward-thinking powerhouse!
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