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AI-Powered Unified Business Planning: What’s possible?

Integrated Business Planning : Autoliv Customer Story – presented by partner inlumi

Date: March 23 

Time: 7.30 registration, start at 8.00 – 9.00*

Location: Saxon, Johannesburg

*seats are limited, request upon availability

OneStream, in cooperation with partner inlumi, invites you to an inspiring morning exploring the power of Sensible Machine Learning and AI in Finance.

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) by the Office of Finance and Operations is a matter of when – not if. Companies are more than ever pressured to stay agile, having unified data accessible is a necessity to be able to steer the company in periods of risk and uncertainty.

Our shared customer Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier relies on their Unified Business Planning solution enabled by the OneStream platform to answer hard and important questions every day as –

  • Which projects, products or processes drive variations in profitability?
  • What’s the P&L impact of projects starting or ending production?
  • Should we make or buy? Sourcing decisions based on total cost of ownership
  • How do we optimise our internal value chain?

Ashley Chapman – CEO inlumi on Autoliv customer story

Lorraine Venter – Regional manager South Africa & Middle East OneStream on Sensible Machine Learning


Autoliv – Market-leading safety solutions

For many South Africans, the December summer break means road-tripping along one of our national highways from Gauteng heading to the Coast. It’s one of the busiest times on our roads and by default, also when most accidents happen as thousands of people embark on their well-deserved summer holiday. Autoliv saved close to 35,000 lives with their products in 2021 globally. They need to be able to rely on accurate data in order to accommodate the demands of their customers, in most cases the motor manufacturer, for items such as safety belts.

Insights shared:
  • Autoliv Customer Case: How a single planning process enables Autoliv to proactively respond to changes in the market.
  • Why a purpose-built time-series ML forecasting solution for CPM is critical to provide the ultimate agility, scale and transparency required for granular operational planning
  • Why Sensible ML’s guided experience to build, deploy and consume ML models can help organizations finally take advantage of the promise of AI and ML for operational planning processes across the enterprise
  • How FP&A and operations teams can reduce forecast bias and increase accuracy by unifying thousands of demand planning forecasts with driver-based P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts.
  • How to unleash the power and sophistication of data science across Finance and Operations at scale and at a fraction of the total cost of alternative solutions.

Prepare you and your teams to meet the demands of the market in 2023 and beyond.

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