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Breakfast Seminar Stockholm

Improved Financial Forecasting & Scenario Modelling with Machine Learning

Customer story on their Machine Learning journey with OneStream

Date: March 12th
Time: 8:30 – 11:00 CET
Location: 7A Posthuset, Vasagatan 28, 111 20 Stockholm – Meeting room “Biblioteket”

Discover the power of OneStream Sensible Machine Learning at our exclusive breakfast seminar in Stockholm. The inventors of this groundbreaking solution will demonstrate its capabilities and diverse use-cases, sharing tangible examples from satisfied customers who have already experienced its benefits.

Also, get insights from one of our customers about their journey with OneStream and the integration of Machine Learning into forecasting practice. Explore the realm of Improved Financial Forecasting & Scenario Modeling with Machine Learning, addressing the challenges of precision in today’s dynamic business environment.

Key points:

  • Accurate Forecasting is Critical: Navigate the challenges of achieving precise demand and revenue forecasts in the global business landscape.
  • Impact on Metrics: Understand how inaccurate forecasting affects key metrics like Working Capital and Cash Flow.
  • Historical Hurdles: Explore how opaque solutions and the need for specialized data science skills hindered trust in forecasts among business users.

Join us as we introduce Sensible Machine Learning, an innovative approach tailored for finance professionals. Be part of this holistic exploration, promising to reshape financial forecasting practices and offering valuable insights to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

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08:30 Breakfast

09:00 Intro Welcome – Markus Hultsten

09:10 Sensible Machine Learning – Scott Leshinski: Explore an alternative approach tailored for finance professionals, promising to reshape forecasting practices.

09:50 Demo – Jack Allen: Be inspired by tangible examples showcasing Sensible ML’s effectiveness.

10:30 Customer Insights: Gain valuable insights into their journey with OneStream and machine learning in forecasting.

11:00 Finish

Meet the speakers

Markus Hultsten
Sales Director Nordics
OneStream Software
Jack Allen
Lead Data Scientist
OneStream Software
Scott Leshinski
SVP, Commercial Expansion
OneStream Software
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