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Take your exam anywhere, anytime.

OneStream certification exams are available through live, online video proctoring with Examity. Traditionally, candidates had to drive to a testing center to take a certification exam. OneStream’s partnership with Examity offers candidates a flexible, convenient, and secure way to take proctored exams at a convenient time and online from anywhere, anytime.

How does online testing work?

The online registration process is the same as if you were to schedule an exam at a physical test center except that you now have the option to test at home or an office.

You may continue to use the following forms of payment: valid exam vouchers, valid promotional codes, and credit cards.

The online testing software employs live proctors, augmented with artificial intelligence that uses techniques such as facial recognition and eye movement tracking, to help proctors perform their duties and quickly flag potential security violations.

OneStream exams can be delivered in most countries around the globe. OneStream exams are not delivered in countries that are subject to sanctions or otherwise designated on any list of prohibited or restricted parties, including but not limited: to the lists maintained by the United Nations Security Council; the United States Government; the European Union or its member states; or any other applicable government authority.

Please note that proctors and support staff speak English only.

OneStream Press

Learn about working with OneStream to encourage and support the development of accurate technical textbooks, and also the potential of getting a book off the ground.
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