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Publication Process

OneStream Publications

OneStream Press pairs with industry experts to encourage and support the development of accurate and useful technical textbooks. The publication of textbooks promo­­­­tes understanding and awareness of OneStream products, ultimately increasing product advocacy and ensuring our customers’ success.  Textbooks are developed across a broad range of topics that include everything from introduction topics and best practices to expert tips on new capabilities. OneStream Press is available to everyone, and we encourage you to help grow the OneStream community.

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Become An Author

Interested in getting a book off the ground? Authors receive copyediting, as well as two expert technical editors for every chapter. OneStream Press works directly with authors as a single point of contact throughout the writing process to establish and set up outlines, timelines, and reviews.

All authors become members of the OneStream Press Published Author Club. Perks of the Published Author Club include:

  • Complimentary physical copy of your first publication before release
  • Complimentary PDF copy of each new release from OneStream Press
  • Exclusive OneStream swag
  • Lifetime access to “author” badge issued via Credly
  • OneStream’s Author Series Podcast feature post book release

Interested authors should contact OneStream Press to start the writing journey today!

Publication Process

  1. Complete a full proposal 
  2.  Meet with OneStream experts for feedback.
  3.  Negotiate contract with OneStream Press‘ exclusive publisher.
  4.  Establish a timeline with OneStream Press.
  5.  Participate in regular communication with OneStream Press throughout the writing process.
  6.  Complete final reviews.
  7.  Watch for publication and marketing.

Need more details? Read more about the writing journey: Publication Approval Process


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