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About Simplebeez

SIMPLEBEEZ is a management consulting firm with a focus on finance transformations. We partner with our clients to fulfill their visions and build for growth and sustainability on solid technological process foundations. Above all, we look to build an environment where trust, cooperation and effective communication between finance and other teams form the basis for creating added value.

We have been through our own professional challenges in finance and involved with or led dozens of finance transformations. We know that even the best CPM solution may not always guarantee success, if other non-technological aspects of transformation are not well managed and considered. SIMPLEBEEZ provides partnership with clients around the whole lifecycle of finance transformations as critical element of client’s success. This starts with transformational concept definition, connecting other teams with finance, streamlining processes, data clearance and use cases definition, solutions delivery and ends with post Go-Live support.

Partnership with OneStream Software allows us to provide our clients with full-service offerings in all three critical aspects of every successful finance transformation: People, Process and Technology. Our dedicated OneStream team is comprised of a mix of finance functional transformational architects and CPM subject matter experts who supply practical solutions to a wide range of client requirements and objectives. We focus on the benefits of OneStream as a revolutionary platform, leveraging consolidation or planning as a key pillar, supported with other process solutions from the XF MarketPlace.

Partner Level:

Central & Eastern Europe

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+420 602 166 975

+420 602 496 585

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[email protected]

[email protected]

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