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Strategic IQ

About Strategic iQ

Strategic iQ is very proud to have received OneStream’s 2023 Innovation Award for our creation of the Automotive Planning Factory, a solution which allows us to extend OneStream’s Integrated Business Planning capabilities with a true S&OP engine. As one of the first solutions available via the SolutionExchange, Strategic iQ’s Automotive Planning Factory equips automotive manufacturers with the tools and insights necessary to navigate this turbulent and transformative era successfully. By leveraging advanced analytics, sophisticated data modeling, and a collaborative ecosystem, the Automotive Planning Factory provides a holistic solution to drive innovation, optimize operations, and enhance competitive advantage.

In addition to our software capabilities, we are also a premier implementation partner of OneStream’s. We offer full-service solutions tailored and optimized for the office of the CFO. This includes Business and Financial Transformation with industry expertise around Manufacturing and Automotive. And, on top of that, we are OneStream Experts who have deep experience with some of the most sophisticated aspects of OneStream’s platform including data blending, machine learning, and operational analytics at scale.

At Strategic iQ, we recognize our success can never be decoupled from the success of our clients.  We seek to achieve trusted advisor status by delivering measurable results and solutions that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.

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North America

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