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Warbird Consulting Partners

About Warbird Consulting Partners

Warbird partners with healthcare organizations to deliver results-driven solutions that address the most pressing strategic, financial, and operational challenges those organizations face.

Warbird has advised and served clients in over 800 engagements across 47 states.

Warbird is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA

Company Information

Warbird Consulting Partners…”not your traditional consulting firm”

We are a uniquely qualified consulting firm of experienced practitioner consultants & advisors to trust for customized strategic, financial, operational, and M&A solutions.

With decades of experience in healthcare finance, operations, and strategy, Warbird offers practical advice, custom solutions, and focused support that boosts financial and operational performance and positions healthcare organizations to realize their strategic value.

Warbird provides services to a wide variety of organizations, hospitals, physician clinics, health systems, government regulatory agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Warbird assists clients by utilizing experienced practitioners that are not professional consultants. Warbird delivers improved financial performance through innovative and value-driven solutions on every engagement.

Senior-level Talent and Access to Scale. Specializes in assisting clients with event-driven engagements requiring scaled project teams with senior-level project management expertise and oversight.




Healthcare Practice is comprised of:

CFO Strategic Services



Performance Improvement & Turnaround




Analytics Optimization



Talent Acquisition Solutions



Financial Advisory & Debt Management



Revenue Cycle Optimization



Affiliations, Mergers & Acquisitions



Physician Practice Solutions



Warbird is…

Proven practitioner consultants

Tailoring solutions for the needs of each individual client

Positively transforming client hospitals, health systems and physician practices

Delivering guaranteed, valuable, long-term financial and operational ROI through performance improvement

Laser-focused in assessing and solving the most pertinent challenges for the biggest impact

Transforming IT & Technology by bridging the gap between Finance, IT and the C-Suite

Providing talent who’ve been there/done that with decades of healthcare experience sitting in the client’s role

Full-service solution for Health System’s financial and operational needs: Financial Services, Revenue Cycle Services, IT Services, Warbird Municipal Advisors, M&A Services, and Talent Acquisition Services

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Contact Email:

Mike Draa, CEO – [email protected]

Joe Brophy, Managing Director, Healthcare – [email protected]

Deborah Erickson, Managing Director, Healthcare – [email protected]

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