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Accordion Rolling Forecast

Black Diamond Advisory
PartnerPlace Solution

Solution Details

BDA Accordion Rolling Forecast is a simple to configure, easy to use solution that empowers an organization’s FP&A team to forecast with more speed, accuracy, and flexibility than ever before.

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Key Features

BDA Accordion Rolling Forecast is both a formal product – abstracted customizable code algorithms and prebuilt dashboard snap-together components within a graphical user interface that customizes dashboard contents, layout, and functionality in a reuseable framework – as well as a methodology that applies this functionality to OneStream applications.

BDA Accordion Rolling Forecast has four key features:

  • Dashboard controls such as Dimension selectors, selector Member lists, buttons, and all other controls are reused, configured, and deployed across functional areas by Accordion itself. No code is necessary, look and feel is consistent both in layout as well as formatting, and development is fast.
  • Focused calculations and aggregations that touch only changed data points vastly improve performance by impacting required data only.
  • Navigation across functional tasks can continue either via traditional Workflow Profile Children or through Accordion tasks.
  • 25 out-of-the-box prebuilt spread methods.

Creating, configuring, and delivery of Accordion functionality is fully performed within an administrator framework.

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Code Optimizer Screen Shot

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