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PartnerPlace Solution

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HomePage Builder elevates your OneStream application to the next level with a fully customizable homepage that matches your organization’s branding and centralized all workflow process and dashboard tools in an easy-to-use interface.

The integrated KPI module provides users with instant access to the KPIs that matter to them and can be customized by each user.

The HomePage Builder makes it easy to create a centralized, personalized and customized homepage for your OneStream application 

With HomePage Builder you can:

  • Set a homepage that’s personalized with your organizations branding such as logo, colors and background image
  • Build menus and sub-menus around your processes to easily navigate to workflows or dashboards within the application
  • Create Quick Links to take you to commonly used dashboards
  • Enable security on menus/quick links to only show accessible options
  • Use the integrated KPI module to view up to 8 KPI’s
  • KPIs can be personalized by user
  • Drill into the KPI to see underlying data and trends
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