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The State of ESG: Insights From Our CFO Survey

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White Paper

It’s Time To Measure Your ESG Footprint.

Stay ahead of the evolving ESG landscape with our latest CFO report, “The State of ESG: Insights from Our CFO Survey.” As ESG reporting guidelines converge and regulators propose new mandatory disclosure requirements, investments in ESG remain a top priority for organizations worldwide.

Based on our extensive survey, we found that half of the organizations surveyed expect to increase their investments in ESG goals and initiatives in 2023 compared to the previous year. This reveals a growing commitment to sustainability and responsible investing.

Our survey also highlighted the importance of forming an internal ESG/Sustainability team. Just under half of the financial executives surveyed have already taken steps or plan to establish dedicated teams to define policies and disclosures aligned with ESG principles. Their efforts are crucial for organizations seeking to navigate the ESG landscape effectively.

Stay informed, stay ahead, and unlock the power of ESG. Get your copy of “The State of ESG: Insights from Our CFO Survey” today and make better business decisions.

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