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Lauren Ford | Jan 15, 2020

OneStream Customer Success Webinars – The Best of 2019

Every customer has a unique story, but one thing remains the same – OneStream Software stands by its mission of delivering 100% customer success by streamlining financial processes and enhancing decision-making across the enterprise. By unifying financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analytics, OneStream eliminates the complexity of data integration and validation between multiple fragmented applications, resulting in significant time and cost savings for customers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below we’ve gathered the most powerful OneStream success stories of 2019, delivered from the customers themselves! We invite you to watch the Customer Success Webinar Replays to hear firsthand the benefits our customers achieved by replacing legacy CPM products, and in some cases spreadsheets, with the OneStream Intelligent Finance Platform. Here are the highlights!

Replacing Hyperion and Leveraging SAP Investments at Endo International

Endo_PNGEndo International was looking for a simplified CPM landscape. This involved replacing Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) for financial consolidation and reporting – plus an additional three instances of Hyperion Planning for planning and forecasting. The Finance team at Endo was under stress, performing a lot of manual work, and had challenges meeting deadlines. This was all before they made the switch to the OneStream Intelligent Finance Platform. Learn how Endo has benefited from rolling out OneStream to 116 global users with all actuals and plans completely aligned in a new, unified system. Thanks to OneStream, the HQ Finance staff are working less nights and weekends so there’s less chaos at crunch time. Learn more about Endo’s story!

Watch the Replay

How Terex Replaced HFM and Several Point Solutions with OneStream

Terex_PNGWith several point solutions for financial consolidation, close, high level budgeting and reporting – which included HFM, FDM, Prophix and more – the Finance team at Terex was burdened by painful data administration. They were also limited by the amount of detail required to plan by product lines, brands, functions, geographies, plant sites, and customers. They knew they had to make the leap to a single solution for both actuals reporting and planning, with enough detail to accommodate both processes in one system with the extensibility to support future growth. Watch this webinar replay to learn how OneStream reduced Terex’s organization structure from 1,000 to 140 reporting entities and 15,000 to 1,000 rules, decreasing financial consolidation times from 20 hours to less than 30 minutes

Watch the Replay

Xylem Replaces Multiple Hyperion Applications with OneStream

Xylem_PNGAs the result of several acquisitions, Xylem was using several Oracle Hyperion EPM applications to support their financial close, reporting and planning processes. With over 500 users across divisions and locations, it was a very fragmented and complex process to load, adjust, and report data with multiple applications. Xylem decided to switch to OneStream for a unified approach to CPM which resulted in a lower cost of ownership vs. the Hyperion suite. Data load times for global users decreased from 6-8 hours to 15 minutes. In addition, Xylem has gained the ability to collect more granular data in OneStream to facilitate better, faster business decisions with confirmation rules that ensure data integrity. Learn how with OneStream Cloud, Xylem replaced all the Hyperion applications spanning financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting and planning for the entire organization – all in a 9-month time frame.

Watch the Replay

Big Bang: Going Live with OneStream Consolidations, Planning & Forecasting and Task Manager

Zayo Group Logo_PNGThe Zayo Group’s “big-bang” OneStream implementation was the focus of a 2019 webinar discussing how the organization is leveraging multiple solutions within OneStream’s unified platform, including financial consolidation, rolling forecasting, and the Task Manager solution from the OneStream MarketPlace™. Previously, the Zayo Group had been using Prophix, FloQast, and Excel spreadsheets for the financial close, task management and forecasting. But Zayo needed to simplify its financial systems while ensuring instant availability of financial and operational data to all stakeholders. By leveraging OneStream, the financial consolidation and forecast process is more efficient, allowing the finance team to spend more time on value-added activities and less time managing process. Watch the webinar to learn how the Zayo Group went live with multiple solutions in a 4-month expedited timeline which produced a 5-day financial close with tighter controls.

Watch the Replay

How Valeo Significantly Reduced Close Time and Improved Data Quality in a Fast-Growing, Heavy M&A Environment

Valeo Food_PNG

Valeo Foods Group had grown significantly through acquisitions yet was still using Excel for its monthly close and consolidation process and foreign currency translations. The manual nature of the financial consolidation process was prone to error and presented challenges in calculating these scenarios. Valeo needed a modern solution and chose OneStream for its flexible approach and ability to support future growth. As a result of the implementation, Valeo Foods has realized significant improvements in management reporting and financial statements, which is recognized by many stakeholders. There is now one version of the truth and in total, close to 30 spreadsheets were eliminated from use in the monthly process. Watch now to learn how OneStream provides Valeo Foods with an all-in-one solution for streamlined intercompany eliminations in a heavy M&A environment.

Watch the Replay

Replacing SAP BPC, Streamlining the Close and Tackling Lease Accounting at McCain Foods

mccain logo masterThe Finance team at McCain Foods had been using SAP BPC for 10+ years for financial consolidation, financial and management reporting. With 130 legal entities, over 40 currencies, a large amount of intercompany transactions, McCain Foods also has multiple ERP systems in use at various locations around the world. These complex requirements called for a more extensible CPM architecture that would allow the McCain’s team to accommodate their corporate standard chart of accounts. The OneStream platform allowed business units to extend the chart of accounts to support the detail coming from SAP, Sage, and other GL/ERPs. With over 300 happy OneStream users, McCain Foods has seen a simplified month end close process – reduced from 6 days to 4 days due to less time spent loading data and using workflow to match month-end tasks to team members. Check out this webinar to learn how the McCain Foods team converted from SAP BPC to OneStream for financial consolidation, financial and management reporting – and added lease accounting capabilities, all within 7 months

Watch the Replay

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At OneStream, we operate with a mission of delivering 100% customer success – and our customers love to share their unique OneStream stories. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our complete library of Customer Success Webinar Replays, which highlight the best ways to modernize finance and get back to business with OneStream. In addition, our growing Customer Testimonials page details interesting use case scenarios from real customers across a variety of industries who’ve replaced fragmented solutions and spreadsheets with OneStream’s unified platform.

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