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Zach McKeown | May 24, 2024

Level Up Your Finance Game with Sales Performance Management!

In our keynote at our annual OneStream Splash event in Las Vegas, we focused on key topics around finance-led ops, which is why we were excited to announce our new Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution built by InfinitySPM. This is another great example of one of our partners leveraging our platform to extend beyond the office of the CFO.

Get ready to supercharge your ability to plan, manage, and analyze sales performance across the enterprise and exceed sales goals, align incentives, and transform how we forecast, budget, and plan for growth.

1. Drive Success with InfinitySPM’s Sales Performance Management

Unleash your finance skills with InfinitySPM’s Sales Performance Management. Gain a unified user experience and data model, resulting in transparent and confident financial and sales performance plans. It’s time to drive success and showcase your finance expertise!

2. Overcome Data Challenges with InfinitySPM

Say goodbye to disjointed financial and sales performance data. InfinitySPM’s solution empowers us to optimize resources, increase sales productivity, and drive top-line revenue growth. It’s time to overcome data challenges and unlock valuable insights that fuel financial performance.

3. Synergy Between Sales Plans and Financial Goals

Unleash the power of synergy between sales plans and financial goals with InfinitySPM’s Sales Performance Management. Collaborate seamlessly with sales and finance teams, aligning efforts towards shared organizational objectives. Plan confidently and adapt for future success with InfinitySPM’s flexible solution.

4. Unleash the Power of OneStream’s Unified Platform

Leverage the power of OneStream’s unified platform, combined with InfinitySPM’s Sales Performance Management. Access a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize sales, territory, and incentive planning, integrated within a unified data model and user experience. It’s time to streamline financial reporting and plans and maximize efficiency.

It’s time to amplify your skills and achieve new heights!

Elevate your finance game with InfinitySPM’s Sales Performance Management. Check out our SPM content on our website to learn more about how our customers are taking finance further.

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