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John O'Rourke | Feb 15, 2022

Nucleus Research Recognizes OneStream as a Leader in CPM Software

In the two years since the global pandemic started, corporate performance management (CPM) software has proven its value to thousands of organizations.  It has allowed them to maintain a steady pulse on their revenues and costs, perform frequent forecasting as the pandemic unfolded, and run scenario models to support critical management decisions.  It’s with this backdrop that Nucleus Research published its 2022 Value Matrix for CPM Software, highlighting key market trends and ranking the top 16 CPM software vendors.  Read on to learn about the findings of the report and how OneStream was positioned in the market.

CPM Software Helps Organizations Navigate Choppy Waters

Fluctuating demand, price inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages have put a lot of pressure on organizations to become more agile and efficient in their Finance and business processes. These pressures have driven increased demand for CPM software solutions according to the 2022 Nucleus Research CPM Technology Value Matrix report, which was published in early February.

According to Nucleus Research, “To combat uncertainty and rapidly shifting market conditions, businesses must plan and execute on shorter time horizons than ever before. In the past, where quarterly sales and operational plans might have been sufficient, we see organizations implement weekly strategies, sometimes down to the day. “CPM Technology enables this business agility, encompassing both Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) and Financial Consolidation and Close (FCC) functionality.”

Unlike other IT industry research reports that evaluate FP&A or FCC software separately, Nucleus Research makes the case that a single platform that supports both of these core processes provides a higher level of business value vs. point solutions. Here are some of the key market trends highlighted by Nucleus Research in the report:

  • CPM solutions are going beyond FP&A. As organizations prioritize integrated business planning (IBP), CPM solutions are leveraged across HR, marketing, sales and operations departments to drive further value in their investments and address planning activities.
  • Unified planning remains a critical priority – organizations are adopting CPM solutions to centralize financial and operational planning activities under a single platform, driving functionality gains, process efficiency improvements and potential cost savings.
  • Increased demand for financial close and consolidation. As economic conditions drive M&A activity, CPM vendors must provide robust consolidation capabilities while contending with complex organizational structures, international tax codes, local industry reporting requirements and multiple currency conversions.

Inside the CPM Value Matrix

In the CPM Value Matrix report, Nucleus evaluated the top 16 CPM software vendors based on their usability and functionality, as well as the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities. According to Nucleus, the research is intended to serve as a snapshot of the CPM technology market, help inform customers about how vendors are delivering value and take stock of what can be expected in the future based on present investments.

So what did the 2022 CPM Value Matrix reveal?  I’m happy to report, that for the 5th year in a row, Nucleus Research has recognized OneStream Software as a Leader in the CPM Value Matrix. Here’s what the analysts had to say about OneStream in the report:

“OneStream Software is a leader in the 2022 CPM Value Matrix. OneStream breaks down data siloes between functional departments and provides greater visibility by integrating financial and operational data from internal and external data sources, such as ERP, HCM, CRM, and other systems. The platform enables organizations to cover a variety of use cases and replace multiple legacy applications, point solutions, and spreadsheets across financial and operational reporting, planning, and analysis use-cases.”

CPM Technology Value Matrix

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We are proud to be recognized as a Leader in the CPM Value Matrix for the fifth consecutive year. Our continued recognition by Nucleus Research and other IT industry analyst firms is a testament to the value users gain from our unified platform to conquer complex business processes and drive efficiencies while navigating rapidly changing market pressures.

To learn more, download a copy of the 2022 Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report here.

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