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John O'Rourke | Jun 19, 2024

5 Top Takeaways from the BARC Planning Survey 2024

Recent market disruptions and the ongoing volatility of global economic conditions have been driving increased interest in financial planning software that can replace spreadsheets and legacy applications and support agile, integrated planning for enterprises.  When it comes to identifying and evaluating financial planning software, the annual BARC Planning Survey has become a valuable tool for Finance and IT buyers. Read on to learn the top 5 takeaways from the BARC Planning Survey 24.

The Voice of the Planning Software User Community

BARC OneStream 2024

The Planning Survey 24 categorizes the different financial planning software products into six peer groups, based on three criteria (specialization, usage scenario and global presence) and defined using BARC analysts‘ expertise and judgment.  Not every software vendor is covered in every peer group.  For example, OneStream features in the following four peer groups:

  • Products for Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Integrated Products for Planning and Financial Consolidation
  • Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations
  • Worldwide Implementations

OneStream Achieves Outstanding Results

With 35 top ranks and 55 leading positions, OneStream achieved an outstanding set of results in this year’s BARC Planning Survey. Here’s what the BARC analysts had to say about OneStream in the report:

“Excellent ratings in KPIs such as Business Benefits, Recommendation, Product Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and Functionality underline OneStream’s leading position in the planning software market. Companies can benefit from using OneStream in terms of improved software user satisfaction, increased planning frequency and better integration of financial planning with operational planning.”

“96 percent of OneStream users say they would “definitely” or “probably” recommend their planning product to other organizations—a great indicator of customer satisfaction with the vendor and its product.”

Top 5 Takeaways from the BARC Planning Survey 24

With a rigorous research methodology and 21 vendors being evaluated, getting 35 Top Rankings and 55 Leading Positions is an impressive achievement.  Here are some of the key insights regarding OneStream’s results in the Planning Survey 24 in the form of five key takeaways:

  1. OneStream was Top-Ranked in Business Benefits – scoring a perfect 10 in all four peer groups we were featured in. In addition, 88% of surveyed users achieved an increased competitive advantage with OneStream. By comparison, Oracle Cloud EPM scored a 4.4 in Business Benefits and SAP BPC scored a 1.9. 
  2. OneStream was Top-Ranked in Recommendation – scoring a perfect 10 in all four peer groups we were featured in.  BARC found that 95% of surveyed users say they would recommend OneStream.  For comparison, Oracle Cloud EPM scored a 6.6 and SAP BPC scored a 1.0. 
  3. OneStream was Top-Ranked in Product Satisfaction – scoring a 9.99 in two peer groups and with Leading Positions in the other two.  100% of surveyed users said they are satisfied with OneStream.
  4. OneStream was Top-Ranked in Customer Satisfaction – in two peer groups and achieved Leading Positions in the other two.  This is significant, as this KPI combines ratings for Price to Value, Recommendation, Vendor Support, Implementer Support, Product Satisfaction and Sales Experience to measure satisfaction with the vendor and its products.
  5. OneStream was Top-Ranked in Functionality – across all four peer groups we were featured inThis KPI combines the Predefined Connectors, Data Integration, Planning Content, Planning Functionality, Workflow, Forecasting, Simulation, Reporting/Analysis and Financial Consolidation KPIs to measure the product’s functional breadth and capabilities.

What Customers Said and Liked the Most

It’s always great to see the actual comments made by customers in third-party surveys like the BARC Planning Survey.  Here are some examples of the customer comments about OneStream from the report:

“Excellent software. Best on the market for financial consolidation, planning, and reporting.”

“It is a better product than all other similar tools I‘ve experienced. The flexibility and features are excellent.”

“OneStream is a great solution that keeps on evolving.”

“Customer support is excellent.”

About BARC

BARC is one of Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software, focusing on the areas of data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics.  The BARC Planning Survey 24 is based on the world‘s largest survey of planning software users. The survey was conducted from November 2023 to February 2024, with 1,272 respondents and analysis of 21 products. It evaluates user feedback on 33 criteria (KPIs), such as Business Benefits, Project Success and Customer Satisfaction.

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It’s always gratifying to gain this type of positive recognition from industry analysts, especially when most of the ratings are based on customer feedback collected.  With a mission of delivering 100% customer success, we have worked hard to provide the only enterprise finance platform that unifies all your financial and operational data, embeds AI for better decisions and productivity, and can extend to meet evolving needs of your business, without adding technical debt. To learn more, download the BARC Planning Survey 24 to learn how OneStream can help your organization Take Finance Further!

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