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John O'Rourke | Jun 26, 2019

OneStream Earns Top Ratings in the Pulse of Performance Management 2019

The corporate performance management (CPM a.k.a. BPM) market is a dynamic one that is constantly evolving and changing.  Having worked in this market for over 20 years, I’ve personally witnessed the evolution from standalone, desktop applications for financial consolidation and budgeting to the emergence of comprehensive CPM suites and platforms that address a broad range of requirements and are deployed in a scalable cloud architecture.

Besides the shift to cloud-based deployments of performance management applications, we have seen several acquisitions and ownership changes in CPM vendors over the past 12 months.  Think about Anaplan’s IPO, Adaptive Insights being acquired by Workday, Board International getting acquired by Nordic Capital, Host Analytics being acquired by Vector Capital – and of course OneStream getting a major investment from KKR and unicorn valuation.

These changes and other trends were the focus of BPM Partners Pulse of Performance Management webinar in June of 2019.  Hosted by Craig Schiff, CEO of BPM Partners, the annual Pulse of Performance Management webinar reviews key market trends, BPM Pulse Survey results, what’s new with the key vendors in the market and reveals the Top-Rated Vendors in the Annual BPM Pulse Awards.  Here are the highlights of this year’s webinar.

The Pulse of Performance Management

To kick off the webinar, Mr. Schiff highlighted the top market trends he has observed over the past 12 months.  This includes:

  • Company-wide initiatives with BPM becoming Comprehensive, Collaborative, Connected and Continuous
  • The rebirth of dashboards providing analytics for multiple use cases
  • Focus on granular profitability analysis
  • Focus on detailed transactional analysis
  • Higher subscription prices based on broader cloud usage
  • IPOs, acquisitions and major investments in BPM/CPM vendors

Mr. Schiff also reviewed the highlights of his annual BPM Pulse Survey – including demand for operational analytics, interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, forecasting cycles, as well as trends in consolidation, budgeting/planning, and cloud adoption – which is in use or planned for use by 94% of survey respondents.

Annual BPM Pulse Awards

Following his review of the Best New Vendor and Core 17 Vendors, Mr. Schiff revealed the top-rated vendors in the 2019 BPM Pulse Awards.  I am pleased to highlight that OneStream Software received an overall “Outstanding” rating of 4.81 out of 5.0 and was one of the top-rated vendors in all 7 categories of the BPM Pulse Awards.

OneStream earned top ratings for:Top Rated BPM Partners

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Ease of Integration
  • Ease of Use
  • Finance Self-Sufficiency
  • Customer Support
  • Financial Consolidation Functionality (#1)
  • Budget/Planning Functionality

According to Craig Schiff, “OneStream Software was the top-ranked vendor for Financial Consolidation Functionality in our 2019 BPM Pulse Awards and the only vendor to rank among the top-rated vendors for all seven categories. This is especially impressive given that OneStream customers are typically very large enterprises with complex requirements.”

To be rated an “Outstanding” vendor by customers who were surveyed by BPM Partners is strong validation of our overall strategy and our continued focus on delivering 100 percent customer success. We are proud to be the only vendor to earn a top-rated score from BPM Partners in all seven categories.

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To learn more about the latest market trends in CPM/BPM and to find out why OneStream was top-rated in all 7 categories of the BPM Pulse Awards watch the replay of the Pulse of Performance Management webinar.

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