By John O'Rourke   February 20, 2019

OneStream is a Leader: Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix 2019

In case you haven't noticed, the corporate performance management (CPM) market has been heating up in the past 12 months, with several vendors getting new funding and one getting acquired by an ERP vendor. OneStream was the most recent recipient of funding with our recent news about KKR making a significant investment in the company to help us expand our market presence and our growth.

This trend was highlighted in the 2019 Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report, the first CPM industry roundup report to be published by a major analyst firm in 2019. In the report, Nucleus Research analyst Andrew MacMillen highlighted several key trends that have emerged in the CPM market.

  • Planning is a key driver of CPM solution adoption. Rapidly-evolving business environments present new challenges to decision makers and that's driving companies to shed spreadsheets and adopt purpose-built planning software.
  • Cloud has lowered the barrier to entry. As a result, modern CPM solutions are now available to companies of all sizes and maturity levels.
  • Democratization of CPM is driving broader adoption. Ease of use, cloud, and embedded analytics are driving adoption of CPM out beyond Finance and IT departments.
  • Companies breaking away from legacy applications. The key capabilities of CPM 2.0 solutions such as cloud deployment, ease of use, and embedded analytics are creating more inertia for companies to let go of legacy applications and embrace the future.
  • Embedded analytics being enhanced with AI and ML. There's increasing buzz in the market about AI and ML and CPM vendors are investing in these technologies.
  • Significant investment activity in CPM. In fact, all 6 market leaders in the CPM Value Matrix have received significant investment recently.

With those trends as the backdrop, Nucleus evaluated CPM vendors based on the usability and functionality of their solutions, as well as the value that customers realized from each product's capabilities. Their findings are based on briefings and demonstrations provided by CPM vendors, as well as interviews with customers of each vendor.

So, what were the results? Drum roll please…………………………….

OneStream Recognized as a Leader

I am proud to report that for the 2nd year running, OneStream Software was recognized as a Market Leader

in the Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report.

According to Nucleus, "OneStream Software is a Leader in the CPM Value Matrix due to its comprehensive breadth of CPM functionality. The platform, OneStream XF, is especially strong in financial close and consolidation, but also covers core PBF capabilities, modeling, reporting, profitability analysis, and risk management."

The report goes on to say, "OneStream is well-positioned to penetrate the legacy CPM customer base, thanks to the unified nature of its platform and simplicity of its cloud transitions. Its comprehensive suite of functionality should also be attractive for customers who wish to consolidate their planning and performance management systems into one platform."

In looking at OneStream's position in the CPM Value Matrix, we are positioned as having the highest-ranked functionality among the Leaders in the report, while being ranked among the highest in usability.

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OneStream is proud of the market leadership recognition we received in this report by Nucleus Research. It's a testament to the hard work we have put into designing and evolving the OneStream XF platform and XF MarketPlace to address the sophisticated financial consolidation, reporting, planning, analysis and data quality needs of medium to large enterprises around the world. And its proof of the high value our over 300 customers have received from our solution, typically replacing multiple legacy products from Oracle/Hyperion, SAP, IBM and others.

To learn more, download the Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report and contact OneStream if you are ready to break free from the limitations of CPM 1.0 applications and start reaping the value of CPM 2.0.