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Nicholas Cox | Jul 03, 2024

OneStream Modern Browser Experience​

OneStream recently announced the new modern browser experience designed to truly modernize and streamline users’ access to OneStream via web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari and mobile devices.​

If you don’t already know OneStream was founded on the core belief that with the right technology, organizations could take Finance beyond just reporting on past performance and towards informing and guiding business strategy and growth.​

​Most finance and operational executives and end-users face constant pressure to work faster, collaborate more and streamline more planning and reporting processes.  Doing so enables more accurate, effective decision-making.  ​

At OneStream we believe that to meet those aims, finance needs access to trusted, governed financial and operational results on demand from a browser and device of choice to minimize disruption and increase productivity.  ​

Why is this Important?

Unfortunately, many Finance functions rely on multiple data sources and multiple tools when they don’t need to.  That reliance makes it nearly impossible to get all the data & insights needed on demand and trust in the data required for agility in reporting, analysis and decision-making.  The OneStream founder’s commitment to continuing innovation, extensibility to support future growth and unwavering focus on customer success sets the company apart from the competition. 

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To learn more about how our customers are taking finance further, check out our customer success stories on our website.

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