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Unified Planning, Reporting & Analytics

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Empower Your Enterprise in 2021 with eXtended Planning & Analysis (XP&A)

Adapting to change in today’s dynamic business environment requires a transition from traditional Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) to a modern approach that extends beyond Finance alone. Finance leaders and business experts have a new need to align financial and operational planning for a more strategic vision of the company. And now there’s a name for it – XP&A (eXtended Planning & Analysis).


XP&A is the idea that planning should go beyond traditional finance data to include the kind of data from all functions of the business that align with company goals.


Learn more about how your organization can embrace XP&A and explore our latest interactive eBook to discover powerful strategy insights coming in 2021. From unified Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting to Advanced Analytics and more, it’s time to take your finance organization to the next level with XP&A.


Explore the Interactive eBook and Discover:

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