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Unified Planning, Reporting & Analytics

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Lead at Speed with eXtended Planning & Analysis (XP&A)

Given the pace of change taking place across the global economy, it’s no surprise that financial decision-makers are facing unprecedented challenges. Sophisticated organizations are looking to model and plan for their unique needs and do so with the financial intelligence and scale required to unify granular operational plans with financial goals.  That’s why forward-thinking organizations are quickly embracing the new era of FP&A – eXtended Planning & Analysis (XP&A).


eXtended Planning & Analysis breaks down the traditional silos of connected planning to unify financial and operational plans.  By extending into areas like merchandise planning, global sourcing, sales, operations and marketing, Finance teams focusing on new ways to drive performance and unify the Office of Finance with a digital foundation designed to evolve at the speed of the business.


Learn more in this interactive eBook: Unified Planning, Reporting & Analytics.


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