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Closing the Gap: Making the Leap into Automated Financial Close

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Watch and see how you can unlock the potential of automated financial close as we focus on the hurdles encountered by Legacy EPM users and their journey towards transitioning to OneStream. Our experts provide valuable insights and practical advice on the transition process from Legacy EPM to OneStream, with a special focus on how this transition can streamline financial close cycles and enhance overall financial agility.   

Here’s what you’ll learn from this webinar:  

  • Expert Insights – Gain firsthand knowledge from experts who will share insights from successfully migrated customers from Legacy EPM to OneStream.  
  • Overcome Challenges – How to navigate the hurdles of migrating, applying best practices to not only overcome these challenges but also to significantly improve the speed and reliability of your financial close processes. 
  • Best Practices for Automation – Explore actionable strategies to seamlessly adopt OneStream, leveraging its advanced capabilities to automate and refine your financial close operations. 
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