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Unlock Financial Excellence through SAP and OneStream with Avvale and Langan

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Join Langan and Avvale to find out why SAP CIOs Choose OneStream. For this exclusive webinar, finance leaders discuss how it’s possible to gain insights into real-time integrations, reduce downtime, and streamline processes across the office of finance and the wider organization. 

Explore the power of automated solutions, lower total cost of ownership, and optimized budget allocation. Overcome common challenges with unified data flows. Be part of the financial transformation journey with OneStream.

Watch this discussion on:

  • Real-time Integrations: Keep your data accurate with constant updates.
  • Simplified Data Management: Automate ETL, mapping, and eliminate dual maintenance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Lower TCO with a single EPM platform and stop wasting time on multiple solutions to integrate and maintain.
  • Optimized Budget Allocation: Redirect IT spending for maximum business value.
  • Unified Financial Management: Replace multiple tools with OneStream.
  • Eliminate IT Challenges during Financial Close: Simplify maintenance, reduce technical debt, and Lower TCO to achieve your goal of simplifying the application landscape.
  • Learn about efficient SAP integration, quick financial close, and simplified data management.

Transform data in minutes, not days. Efficiency made simple – get ready for the future of finance!

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