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Lauren Ford | Dec 19, 2019

Aligning Workforce Plans and Financial Goals with OneStream

When it comes to managing a sophisticated organization, having the right talent, in the right place, and at the right time is critical. Especially as the organization grows. Yet so many managers still struggle to leverage detailed workforce data for financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Why? Because most organizations still rely on spreadsheets and fragmented, legacy corporate performance management (CPM) applications for workforce planning.

In headcount-intensive industries like Healthcare, Technology and Financial Services, compensation is typically the largest expense item in their P&L, so they need to manage and plan this closely – down to the individual position or person-level. This allows managers to truly understand the impacts on the financial results of hiring, full time vs. part-time or contract staff, and at what points in the fiscal year.

Unfortunately, spreadsheets and legacy tools don’t enable users to collaborate and help drive effective workforce decision making. Rather, spreadsheets and legacy tools force managers to spend time importing, exporting and manipulating data because their tools lack scale and are fragmented in nature. Isn’t technology supposed to help finance teams get away from non-value-added work?

If you’ve been tasked with workforce planning, you might be wondering how to overcome these obstacles too. It’s possible! How? By replacing your tangled web of spreadsheets and CPM applications with a unified platform for financial and operational planning.

Bring it all Together with OneStream

The most successful enterprise planning processes leverage data from all aspects of the organization for accurate and actionable insights. This is what OneStream Software was designed to do.

OneStream provides a single, comprehensive and unified platform for financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and data quality management. And as a single source of the truth, OneStream empowers organizations with a common set of dynamic data from areas like Marketing, Sales, HR and Finance for effective financial and operational planning.

People Planning from the OneStream MarketPlace

OneStream’s People Planning Solution aligns detailed workforce plans with financial plans for effective OneStream XF MarketPlace People Planningbudgeting of headcount and payroll costs, compensation, travel and other employee expenses that are critical for driver-based forecasting. This enables business leaders to create and manage their own employee compensation and headcount plans and ensure the right people get in the right place and at the right time to support growth and ensure enterprise-wide alignment.

People Planning in Action

The Carlyle Group replaced four legacy products with OneStream for driver-based planning, modeling and real-time reporting.  And thanks to OneStream People Planning, Carlyle reduce their reliance on spreadsheets for workforce management. Here’s a few other benefits of Carlyle’s People Planning Solution:

  • Source employee-level details from Workday to plan for over 1600 employees centrally  within Human Resources
  • Leverage 30+ employee-level drivers based on department, job level, geography for compensation and benefit calculations
  • Eliminated spreadsheets for headcount planning, reduced process from 1 week to 20 minutes

Getting Back to Business

OneStream works with hundreds of global organizations like The Carlyle Group to help modernize planning processes and drive agility across all aspects of the organization.  And with OneStream People Planning, line managers finally have a solution to help manage all aspects of human capital planning and understand the real-time impact to financial plans – and can do it without reliance on IT.

To learn more download our People Planning Solution Brief and watch our solution video here.

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