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Nicholas Cox | Jun 01, 2021

OneStream Earns 100% Recommendation Score in BARC Planning Survey 2021

If you’re in Corporate Finance, you likely found your planning and analysis processes being stressed and challenged this past year.  Perhaps you were driven into increased rounds of forecasting due to COVID-19. Or maybe the Suez Canal being blocked by a large container ship left your team scrambling to adjust forecasts.  As a result, like many Finance teams, you’ve probably been finding out the hard way that you may not have the right tools for the job.

If you’re among those who don’t, there’s still good news: the corporate planning software solutions on the market today come in all shapes and sizes.  So, you’re sure to find a solution designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Some solutions are built for small companies.  Some offer more visualization capabilities.  Others are only point-solutions for planning or specific areas of planning.  What does all of that mean for you?  It means your Finance team has many choices – if you can cut through all the noise and get to the facts.

What’s the best way to understand the options?  By turning to your trusted peers in Corporate Finance, of course.  And that’s precisely what the BARC Planning Survey 21 allows you to do.

The Business Application Research Center (BARC)

The Business Application Research Center (BARC) is an industry analyst and consulting firm for business software.  BARC analysts have supported companies through strategy, organization, architecture and software evaluations for more than 20 years.  For more information, visit

To support Corporate Finance teams, BARC covers the following critical areas:

  • Business intelligence/analytics
  • Data management
  • Enterprise content management (ECM)
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
BARC Planning Survey 2021

BARC Planning Survey 21

The Planning Survey 21 examines user feedback on planning processes and product selection.  That feedback is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning software users. Conducted from November 2020 to February 2021, The Planning Survey 21 compiles responses from 1,422 individuals analyzing 21 products or groups of products.

Specifically, the survey examines user feedback on planning product selection and usage across 29 key performance indicators (KPIs), including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, planning functionality and competitiveness.

For more information on the survey, visit the BI Survey website.

OneStream Software: Dedicated to 100% Customer Success

With a corporate mission dedicated to delivering 100% customer success, we’re proud to share that OneStream earned 58 top rankings (see Figure 1) across its four peer groups.  The company was measured by several different KPIs, including business benefits, project success, business value, price to value, vendor support, implementer support, product satisfaction, data integration and customer experience.

Additionally, OneStream received a 100% recommendation score from all surveyed users – up from 97% in 2020.

OneStream Highlights Dashboard
Figure 1: The Planning Survey 21: OneStream Highlights Dashboard

Among our 58 top rankings, OneStream earned SEVEN ‘Perfect 10 Scores’ in the following KPIs:

OneStream also earned 34 leading positions across four different peer groups, including leading positions in project success, price to value, business benefits, business value, planning functionality and vendor support.

“OneStream’s performance in this year’s Planning Survey reflects the vendor’s dedication and mission to providing 100% customer success. OneStream’s unified, extensible platform and data model support a wide range of financial and operational planning use cases – and do so at scale and across the enterprise. This combination of financial control and operational relevance provides organizations with the opportunity to unify planning processes within a single platform and user experience, which is increasingly critical as Finance leaders adapt to rapid market-changes,” said Dr. Christian Fuchs, Senior Vice-President and Head of Data & Analytics Research at BARC.

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OneStream is honored to receive such high marks within BARC’s Planning Survey 21.  The report recognizes the continued strength of OneStream’s budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities, as well as our broader capabilities in financial consolidation, reporting and analytics.  And the honor is especially positive given that the high marks on the survey come directly from our dedicated customers and users around the globe.

To learn more about OneStream results, click here to download the full BARC Planning Survey 21.

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