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How Finance Teams Become “Digital World Class®” Organizations

with The Hackett Group®

May 29

Duration: 1 Hour

In this webinar, OneStream FP&A expert Whitney Gillespie will join Bryan DeGraw from The Hackett Group® to delve into the core of finance excellence, unveiling the tactics, technologies, and transformative methodologies that drive world-class organizations forward.

Here’s what you can expect:

🔍 Insider Insights: Gain unparalleled access to the strategies employed by world class finance teams. Learn from real-world case studies and firsthand experiences, providing you with actionable insights to implement within your organization.

🚀 Technology Empowerment: Explore how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize finance operations. Discover the impact of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics on shaping the future of finance teams and learn how to leverage these tools effectively.

🌐 Digital World Class® Finance: Understand what makes an organization Digital World Class® and how an organization can achieve this distinction with incremental, actionable insights. Bryan DeGraw will explain what it takes to achieve this classification and how it can propel your finance team and organization to new heights of success.

💡 Strategies for Success: Delve into the characteristics of a world-class finance team and uncover the path to becoming one. Learn practical steps and best practices to elevate your team’s performance and drive tangible results for your wider organization.

🔑 Building Next-Gen Finance Teams: Gain insights into building a next-generation finance team equipped with Digital World Class® insights. Discover the essential traits and capabilities required to thrive in the ever-evolving finance landscape.

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