OneStream’s Intelligent Finance Platform

Lead at Speed with OneStream

Our intelligent finance platform allows you to break away from the limitations of spreadsheets and legacy applications. Unify financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis through a single, extensible platform.
MarketPlace 50+ Solutions
Close & Consolidation
Address the most complex global consolidation and reporting requirements. Automate and accelerate the financial close and reporting process.
Budgeting & Forecasting
Align financial and operational plans and manage multiple scenarios with flexibility and control.
Reporting & Analysis
Unify Financial & Operational Insights to drive performance and deliver value.
Financial Data Quality
Increase confidence in financial and operating results with powerful data integration, validations, certifications and audit trails.
Financial Signaling
Identify key trends and financial signals by harnessing transactional data from operational systems and blending with financial data.

Unleash the Power of Finance

Conquer the complexity of financial close, consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis.

Key Advantages

Extensible Dimensionality®

OneStream supports corporate standards while also satisfying more detailed line of business planning and reporting requirements, all in a single, unified application.

Data Blending

Enables teams to apply trusted financial intelligence to large volumes of operational data to detect trends and financial signals that drive informed decision-making at the speed of business.

Financial Intelligence

Accelerate time to value with OneStream’s built-in understanding of accounts, currencies, ownership and intercompany activity.

Key Benefits

Unleash the Power of Finance with a Truly Unified Platform

Replace multiple legacy systems or cloud point solutions with a unified application.

  • Reduce the time, effort and cost of maintaining legacy applications.
  • Reduce manual steps and accelerate reporting & planning.
  • Shifts Finance staff time from admin to value-added analysis.

Empower the Enterprise with Financial and Operational Insights

Evolve to Support Growth and New Business Requirements

Leverage the scalability and performance of a platform designed to support the needs of the world’s largest, global enterprises.

  • Accelerate delivery of new applications and business insights.
  • Deploy new solutions rapidly, and at low costs with the OneStream MarketPlace.
  • Support future growth and increased business complexity without new software.

Deliver 100% Customer Success

“OneStream unifies the entire financial lifecycle, resulting in a standardised approach to budgeting, planning and forecasting that connects seamlessly to reporting and analysis.”
Ian McConnell  | Head of Group Business Control | Hoist Finance
“The transition from our SAP and Oracle systems to OneStream has been very smooth, and all of the financial controllers are happy. One of the big advantages of the unified OneStream application is that we no longer have a one-day delay between the collection of data and the issuance of reports and analyses. With OneStream, all the data is in one system, so when changes are made, everything is updated immediately!”
Long Nguyen | Group CFO | TSG
“The biggest benefit of OneStream is that we now have one, unified application supporting multiple processes that’s much easier to maintain. This includes integrated financial consolidation and planning, and integrated capital planning.”
Karrie Sebring | Manager, Financial Systems | Kennametal

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