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Unleash the Power of AI & ML for FP&A

Break down the traditionally high barriers of machine learning to scale and optimize planning across the enterprise.
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See first-hand how the OneStream platform enables the creation of hundreds or thousands of financial and granular operational forecasts at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.
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Learn how to gain insights and forecast more accurately with the power of machine learning.
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The number of executives who felt AI was a critical part of the Finance function would increase from 8% to 43% in the next 3 years.

Source: CIO Vision 2025: Bridging the Gap Between BI and AI

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Key Features

Auto-Generate Thousands of Demand Forecasts

Break down the traditionally high barriers of ML to scale and optimize planning across the enterprise.

  • Create thousands of daily and/or weekly demand planning ML forecasts across products and locations.
  • Capture business intuition such as promotions, events and external factors within ML forecasts.
  • Unify and align demand plans with driver-based sales, material costs, inventory, and labor plans across the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

End-to-End ML Forecasting for CPM

Provides FP&A and Business Analysts with a guided experience to build, deploy and consume time-series ML models all in a single, unified platform.

  • Manage data quality and pipelines required for ML modeling.
  • Automatic feature generation and model training accelerates time to value.
  • AI Services compares and optimizes ML forecasts based on new data available and model training.

Increase Transparency and Agility

Increase forecast accuracy and performance by leveraging ML scenarios across reports, visualizations, forms and dashboards.

  • Reduce forecast bias with ML scenarios, compare against human forecasting to drive better dialogue and collaboration.
  • Monitor model health and performance over time; built-in model retraining ensures continuous forecasting and scenario analysis.
  • Drill-back and back testing capabilities create transparency, trust and confidence in budgets, plans, and forecasts.
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