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Stephanie Bartlett | May 16, 2024

Experience the Future of Modern Finance: OneStream Splash

The highly anticipated 2024 OneStream Splash conference brings together industry experts, customers and partners to experience the future of Enterprise Finance.  And this year, OneStream is taking Splash to new heights – with a reimagined keynote, announcements for major innovations, our new AI-hub and the exciting launch of our reimagined brand.

Join us at Splash to experience what’s possible when organizations have the access, insights and capabilities needed to Take Finance Further™.  By design, our expo will help you learn, connect and empower your organization to plan better, forecast with confidence and help your employees perform at their best.

Why the Splash Experience Is One of a Kind

The Splash experience is truly unmatched, fueled by our commitment to customer success, Finance and technology.  In fact, the conference is tailored to provide customers an unparalleled journey throughout.  Splash especially focuses on meaningful networking, exceptional expertise and insights, and interactive learning opportunities to help drive business forward, uniquely bringing together all aspects of the customer journey into 3 fantastic days (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Three Days of Core Finance, Ops and AI

Let’s dive into a few of the conference highlights and how you’ll gain a one-of-a-kind experience.  And be sure to watch for a recap of the experience from me in the next few weeks.

Reimagined Keynote

Featuring OneStream CEO Tom Shea, product demonstrations and speakers from Microsoft, The Lego Group and more, our reimagined keynote showcases several new innovations.  Each is designed to help Finance teams drive continued productivity, agility and deeper insights across all aspects of planning and reporting processes (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: OneStream Splash – Key Areas of Innovation
Erik Weihenmayer

We’re also excited to welcome Erik Weihenmayer, a renowned adventurer and motivational speaker, for a special keynote this year.  In this inspirational session, Erik will share his remarkable life story marked by achievements, including being the first to summit Mount Everest as a blind person.  He’ll also give his unique perspective on leadership, teamwork, overcoming challenges and the power of the human spirit that will motivate you to conquer your own mountains, both personally and professionally.

AI-Hub Powered by Microsoft

With the growing interest and adoption of AI across of the Office of Finance, our new AI Hub powered by Microsoft provides a one-stop shop for all things Enterprise Finance AI.

Like the future use of AI in Finance, the AI-Hub serves as a centerpiece across the expo hall attendee experience.  You’ll learn about applied use cases for AI across Finance – and see it in action featuring product demonstrations from OneStream’s AI team.  The AI Hub will also showcase several partner sessions including:

  • AI Fireside Chat with Microsoft
  • Grant Thornton – Corporate Finance Redefined: AI and the new Era
  • KPMG – Navigating Generative AI for Finance
  • Archetype – AI-Driven Finance: Taming the Financial Fast Lane

Meaningful Networking

With a user-centric focus, we designed an expo experience to foster meaningful connections, facilitate greater discussion and showcase real-life success stories within our community.

  • Participate in purposeful “Mix and Meet” opportunities.  You’ll network with like-minded peers and engage in discussions around industry- and product-specific topics.
  • Engage in meaningful discussion sessions, such as a Women in Finance Breakfast and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Lunch Panel.  You’ll gain invaluable knowledge and empower yourself to drive meaningful impact within organizations.
  • Have some fun!  You’ll enjoy mingling and celebrating with fellow attendees in our Welcome Session and Splash Night Out.

Exceptional Expertise and Insights

In addition to connecting with peers, you’ll gain new insights on how OneStream is transforming businesses to Take Finance Further™.  You’ll also get a depth of valuable insights from industry leaders on the latest trends, best practices and customer stories from The Lego Group, Walmart, Masonite, Nasdaq, Citigroup, Phillips 66, Sonoco, Raymond James and many more.  From such insights, you’ll learn how you can exceed what you and your organization thought was possible.

  • Discover OneStream’s new product innovations – from next-generation user experience enhancements to game-changing advances in Enterprise Finance AI and Analytics.
  • Explore over 70 sessions and product spotlights focused on business planning, financial close, reporting and Enterprise Finance AI.
  • Gain insights into real-life examples of the many ways OneStream customers are enabling Finance Transformations within their organizations.

Interactive Learning Opportunities

Finally, take learning to another level with unique ways to interact with OneStream experts, exclusive insights and the professional tools needed to conquer your mission-critical priorities.

  • Attend learning workshops to amplify your professional development in a hands-on learning environment.
  • Connect with experts at a dedicated booth for personalized insights and solutions guidance.
  • Spend time digging deeper into our unified modern Finance platform with product demos around research and development, enhancing core capabilities and Finance-led business planning.


The OneStream Splash conference highlights our investment in and commitment to our customers, Finance and technology.  With thousands of conference participants, we’re raising the bar to provide an experience that empowers meaningful connections, innovative insights and learning opportunities.

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Learn more about the highly anticipated OneStream Splash conference and the future of modern Finance, May 20–23, 2024, at the Caesars Forum Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

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