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To unleash the power of AI for the Office of the CFO – AI must be rethought to solve specific challenges and scenarios, pulling from a company’s own data and verified sources. This new approach to AI is what we call Enterprise Finance AI and it’s fueling our Sensible AI Portfolio.

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OneStream Sensible AI – AI for Finance

The OneStream Sensible AI portfolio is a set of purpose-built packaged solutions designed to address pertinent needs of Finance leaders – such as forecasting and scenario planning. With AI models pre-built directly on top of a company’s own trusted, secure unified data model, Finance leaders can quickly identify trends from business drivers and create forecasts with unparalleled accuracy.

AI for business users and data scientists with OneStream’s Sensible AI solutions.

OneStream Sensible GenAI

OneStream Sensible GenAI combines the power of data from OneStream’s financial intelligence as well as a company’s own enterprise workflows and data structures with the features of generative AI to query and interact with a company’s own data “cube.” Built on top of the unified data model of the OneStream platform, OneStream Sensible GenAI empowers Finance leaders to converse with their financial and operational data in plain English directly within the secure OneStream interface.

OneStream Sensible Machine Learning (ML)

OneStream ML Scenario Modeling allows teams to create “what-if” forecasting scenarios using a company’s own enterprise information across operational and financial workstreams. Isolate key business drivers, such as changes in interest rates, inflation, gas prices, new product introductions and plant shutdowns, and validate the scenarios and test their impact across forecasting, operational planning, workforce planning, sales planning and other areas.

OneStream Sensible AI Library

OneStream Sensible AI Library puts the power of AI-powered planning, financial close and reporting into the hands of Finance leaders, without the need of a data scientist. The Sensible AI Library makes it easier for finance teams to leverage pre-built AI capabilities across their financial workflows, to address key reporting and planning challenges such as detecting anomalies, cold start forecasting, and fuzzy matching across a myriad of assets and locations.

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