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John O'Rourke | Aug 18, 2020

How Michigan Startup OneStream Reached Unicorn Status

Have you ever wondered how OneStream Software went from being a small Michigan-based startup to a global company with a $1B valuation and unicorn status? To find out, listen to this podcast interview conducted by Neil Hughes with OneStream founder and CEO Tom Shea.

Neil Hughes is a technology columnist and the host of Tech Talks Daily, the Citrix Ready podcast, and author of Great Ted Talks Innovation, which reached #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases list. As a global recession looms, he talks to leaders and problem solvers about how innovative technology can help businesses overcome the unprecedented challenges ahead.

In this episode, Neil and Tom discuss the drivers and business insights that companies should be monitoring for economic recovery and how to prioritize hiring in a post-pandemic economy. They also discuss the company’s strategy and why OneStream has its own eyes on an IPO. And finally, they talk about the future of finance, and real use cases for AI and ML and what we can learn from the acceleration of digital transformation.

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