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Analytics and Reporting

Fast, Visual Insight for Everyone From Finance to Operations

Put data and insight in the hands of everyone with easy-to-use visual dashboards, drag-and-drop reporting, and the ultimate Excel ad-hoc analysis experience with a single source of truth.

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“Achieving transparency, control, and governance across our international businesses was our biggest challenge with Anaplan. And now the individual businesses can do local management reporting with a deeper level of data for analysis. We’re running a close process across 40 countries and across four divisions, and OneStream has really helped our central teams monitor and control that close process with the level of detail in reporting that we need. Having both of those things together has been important for us. OneStream is such a deep product with so much capability. The potential really is huge.”

— Andy George, Finance Transformation, Team

Answer any Business Question With Confidence

Excel-Embedded Analysis

Analyze Instantly Directly in Excel
Answer any question in seconds, drag, drop, pivot, drill down into subledger detail, and refresh your data while retaining all calculations and formatting.

Interactive Visualizations

Get Everyone on the Same Page With Dashboards
Visualize and understand financial and operational trends and get to the root cause fast by drilling directly back to the transactional detail for the ultimate audibility and transparency.

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Instantly Turn Dashboard-Driven Insight Into Planning Action
Perform what-if analysis directly in your dashboard and see real-time results of changes to models, plans, and forecasts.

Statutory, Management, and Production Reporting

Quickly Build and Share Statutory, Management, and Production Reports
Create always up-to-date formatted reports that bring actuals, plans, and detail in a single pixel-perfect, easy-to-update view.

Financial and Operational Blending

Empower Business Users With Guided Reporting
Make it simple for anyone to build reports with pre-built rows and column sets, quickly drill down on any field, and easily export to Excel or PDF.

Take Analytics and Reporting Further

Guided Interactive Dashboards
Create workflow-driven, defined, standardized, and repeatable business processes with financial and operational KPIs to help users navigate decision-making.
Complete Microsoft Office Experience
Embed and blend OneStream reports, charts, and data in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, and parameterize, refresh, and distribute them on-demand.
Unique Analytic Blending
Unify high volume daily or weekly financial, operational, and transactional data in dashboards, reports, or Excel for total visibility across the business in a single, optimized data model
Unified Data for Finance, Accounting, and Operations
Create a single source of truth with reporting and analytics that runs on centralized data, dimensions, and metrics across your organization.

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