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OpenPlace Solution

ESG Blueprint

OpenPlace Solution

Solution Details

The ESG Blueprint is a pre-configuration of a OneStream application, initially aiming to support  the ESG Scope 1 and 2 carbon calculations, including location and market method.

An ESG enabled application can cover all aspects of ESG reporting using the platform capabilities. The ESG blueprint accelerates the development of such ESG solution. It complements the platform capabilities with pre-built conversion logic for carbon calculations, following the GreenHouse Gas (GHG)  protocol.

The design of the ESG Blueprint is the result of OneStream architects working with Domain experts and from all the conversations they have had with OneStream customers that either do ESG reporting in OneStream today, or planning to add ESG reporting capabilities to their existing OneStream application.

Key Features

  • Collecting activity, using industry standards or your own factors and methods to calculate your Scope 1 and 2 emissions and carbon intensity.
  • Create, configure and align ESG metadata model requirements with the same data model used for financial reporting and planning,
  • Create end to end user workflows to ensure data integration, data validations, consistency checks, completeness and timely delivery of auditable data.
  • Forecast ESG KPIs to provide transparency for the organization into your financial and ESG target achievements.
  • Manage Renewable Energy Contracts (RECs, PPAs) throughout your organization and align calculations to Scope 2 Market Method in a unified data model.

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