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Drill Down Editor

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The BDA Drill Down Editor SV1.0.0 attaches extended drill-down explanations in the form of commentary and equation detail directly on Cube View cells.

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Key Features

The BDA Drill Down Editor SV1.0.0 dynamically creates Drill Down Formulas through a graphical user interface. When referenced within a BDA Task-enabled Cube View or via the Drill Down Explorer, the Drill Down Formula is surfaced in a single interface, allowing the data consumer instant access to Drill Down detail without requiring multiple drill steps. In addition, text Annotations and Cell History are presented in the same unified interface.

As an example, an end-user may want to see an explanation as well as an equation that makes up a specific account to provide clarity on how that account is calculated across any report on OneStream. To do this, the required steps would be to log into the solution as an admin, select the desired account on the solution UI, input any explanation commentary, and finally input any calculation detail if necessary.

BDA Drill Down Editor Screen Shot

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