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PartnerPlace Solution


PartnerPlace Solution

Solution Details

Drill Smarter, Not Harder

DrillIt is an intuitive drill-down solution that enables your entire organization to analyze data & variances easier, faster, and smarter than ever before.

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Key Benefits

Transform Your Team

The easy drill-down experience your team has always wanted: DrillIt was designed by Finit’s leading architects to make drilling into multiple dimensions and member sets simple and seamless for everyone in your organization, transforming every user into a power user.

  • Intuitively drill into cube data and variances with just a few clicks
  • Quickly change data view
  • Perform robust, ad-hoc variances directly in OneStream
  • Export the entire drill to Excel in one click to expedite evaluation

 Fewer Clicks, More Satisfaction

With up to 50% fewer clicks required than the existing drill-down methods, DrillIt equips your team with insightful and relevant analytics fast — expediting business decisions and inspiring rewarding financial outcomes for all.

Installs in Minutes

Preconfigured to work with any existing report in any application, DrillIt requires no development time or internal cost to maintain, reducing the average development and deployment time by 99%. Install and start using DrillIt in minutes, not months.


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