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OneStream Utility Bundle

Black Diamond Advisory
PartnerPlace Solution

Solution Details

11 separate utilities designed to enhance and simplify both the User and Administrator experience.

The BDA Utility Bundle is comprised of the following utilities: BDA Code Optimizer, BDA Cube Editor, BDA Data Explorer, BDA Drill Down Editor, BDA Item Explorer, BDA Metadata Manager, BDA Scenario Manager, BDA Security Manager, BDA Stage Data Explorer, BDA Task Editor, and BDA Text and Cell Detail Explorer.

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Key Features

  • BDA Code Optimizer: Format Business Rule code in a consistent, readable, and development standard manner in a simple dashboard interface. 
  • BDA Cube View Editor: Attaches run-on-save Data Management Sequences to Cube Views in a code-free manner. 
  • BDA Data Explorer: Browses Cube data in a wizard-driven, code-free interface via simplified member filters. 
  • BDA Drill Down Editor: Attaches extended drill-down explanations in the form of commentary and equation detail directly on Cube View cells. 
  • BDA Item Explorer: Find and display OneStream application artifacts by name, type, and folder/group across object types and, when applicable, within those objects. 
  • BDA Metadata Manager: Extract, edit, and load dimensional metadata in xlsx sheets template format. 
  • BDA Scenario Manager: Controls Scenario scope, copies Scenarios, marks tasks as incomplete, and unlocks Workflow. 
  • BDA Security Manager: Comprehensively controls virtually all security properties in a code-free environment.  
  • BDA Stage Data Explorer: Browses Stage data by Workflow Import Children or Data Sources. 
  • BDA Task Editor: Extends, enhances, and organizes Cube Views and Dashboards via a graphical interface. 
  • BDA Text and Cell Detail Explorer: Browses and filters Cell Detail and Annotations by Scenario and Period. 

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