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PartnerPlace Solution

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SiQ’s Planning Factory is a true Integrated Business Planning solution with a powerful Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) engine.  While tailored to automotive parts suppliers and OEMs, the solution is equally useful for all manufacturing companies.  The solution leverages OneStream’s data blending functionality to enable the sourcing of operational data such as sales order, purchase order and EDI releases directly from the ERP at a part or component level of detail along with external market volume forecast data.  The solution further provides the means for managing price and manufacturing cost per unit data centrally to enable driver-based calculations at a part level of detail.  The result is a powerful S&OP platform which enables a standardized, automated forecasting and planning process to improve the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of forward-looking information.

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Key Features

  • Solution enables rapid preparation of forecast / plan and profit analysis by product, OEM program and ship to location down to the part level
  • Driver-based planning methodology calculated at a part / component level to improve accuracy and reliability of results
  • Reporting supports standard organization structure, currency translation and intercompany eliminations
  • Eliminate “mix issue” associated with use of average price and cost per units
  • Volume used from multiple sources including IHSMarkit, sales planning system, EDI releases, and actuals
  • Enforces process standardization across the organization and elimination of spreadsheets
  • Enforces standard use of common volume data by OEM platform and program by region

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