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Task Editor

Black Diamond Advisory
PartnerPlace Solution

Solution Details

The BDA Task Editor SV1.0.0 extends, enhances, and organizes Cube Views and Dashboards via a graphical interface.

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BDA Task Editor Screen Shot

Key Features

  • Create a consistent user interface and experience
  • Attach Data Management Sequences for page-focused calculations and Aggregations/Consolidations
  • Collapse and manage Workflow
  • Enable sticky searchable POV Dimension selectors with dimensional hierarchy operations, sorting, member name properties, default selections, and linked list behaviors
  • Attach Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or pdf formatted user instructions on a task-by-task basis
  • Track task completion status down to the same level as specified in the POV of a task (e.g. if the filter is U1#TotalProduct.Base tasks are tracked for each base-level product)

BDA Task Editor Screen Shot

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BDA Task Editor Screen Shot

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