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PartnerPlace Solution


PartnerPlace Solution

Solution Details

How Admins Win

Toolkit is a powerful collection of 35+ reports and utilities that empowers and elevates administrators so they can analyze key security, metadata and performance data more efficiently.

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Key Benefits

Invest in Your Admin Team

Streamlining essential and repetitive tasks, ToolkIt saves OneStream administrators valuable time and energy, freeing them to optimize platform processes and expedite key business decisions that drive better financial outcomes.

Tried & Tested Solutions

Hand-selected by the team that made Finit the leading implementer of OneStream software, ToolkIt’s reports and utilities solve real-world client scenarios across security, data unit analysis, and Stage visibility.

  • 20+ reports assess security configurations, including security hierarchy, user analysis, user last login, and security by object
  • Evaluate data units and volumes to fine-tune your application
  • 5+ reports analyze Stage Data to more easily resolve mapping and data-loading issues
  • Search, our proprietary feature, seamlessly identifies all areas that require an update

Less Time, Better Results

ToolkIt centralizes and automates more than 35 reports in one user-friendly solution, saving administrators up to 30 minutes every time a report is run, compared to existing OneStream methods. Requiring zero development and deployment time, ToolkIt can be installed and implemented in minutes, not months.

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