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Financial Reporting & Analytics Software

Eliminate Data and Decision-Making Silos

Unify financial & operational insights to drive performance and deliver value. Deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time. Replace spreadsheets and standalone financial reporting software with a unified CPM platform.

Lead @ Speed

Deliver key insights for financial, statutory and management reporting at speed to capitalize on market opportunities and mitigate risk.

Simplify Maintenance

Unify financial and operational data from across the organization into a governed, flexible solution without copying information between fragmented sources and tools.

Drive Performance

Enable Finance and Line of Business partners with self-service reporting, visualizations and ad-hoc analysis tools to accelerate reporting and decision-making.

Key Features

Excel Integration

Excel add-in and embedded spreadsheet deliver the ultimate ad-hoc analysis and reporting solution. Answer any question in seconds with powerful ad-hoc drag, drop and pivot Excel analytics.

  • Financial Models in Excel® retain calculations and styling even when refreshed.
  • Include multiple Cube Views, Quick Views and Retrieves in the same Excel® sheet.
  • Shared user experience between web and Excel® for dynamic POV and drill down.

Interactive Dashboards

Self-Service, interactive dashboards offer executives, managers and business users the ability to change variables and bring data to life for the insight needed to make quicker and better decisions.

  • Bring key financial and operational metrics together by combining tables, charts, graphs and other visualizations.
  • Quickly understand business trends and drill-down into the underlying causes, all the way back to transactional details if needed.
  • Turn insights into action with integrated data entry forms and the ability to see real-time results of changes to models, plans and forecasts.

Analytic Blend

OneStream provides a unique ability to “blend” validated financial data, operational data, and detailed transactional data in one platform for comprehensive, controlled, and consumable user-experience.

  • Combine financial, operational and transactional data in a single dashboard for visualization and analysis.
  • Finance maintains one “governed” source of truth for data across line of business managers and executives.
  • Eliminate data latency and replication of financial data for analysis. Retain all the security, intelligence, workflow, governance, and audit trails that are built into OneStream.

Microsoft Office Blend

Office Blend delivers a unique Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel® reporting solution by combining Office content with OneStream content for a rich reporting experience.

  • Blend OneStream reports, charts and data with Microsoft Office® content to deliver visually stunning report books.
  • Parameterize documents, reports, charts and books to immediately refresh data for the required analysis without re-work.
  • Produce and distribute reports and report books with the Parcel Service solution available in the OneStream MarketPlace™.

Production Reporting

Delivers a powerful production report writer for your most detailed and pixel-perfect reports.

  • Powerful production and formatted report writer that is easily used by business users.
  • Unified reports with data quality, actuals, budget and plan all available in a single report.
  • Approximately over 100 pre-built reports include drill down, audit, process log, security analysis, certification status and process controls.

Guided Reporting

Guided Reporting allows you to mix and match row and column templates for infinite reporting combinations allowing any user that understands the business to create powerful analytics.

  • Choose from a pre-built library of pre-formatted row or column sets.
  • Drill down on any dimension via graphs, charts, reports and grids.
  • Instantly export Guided Reports to Excel®, PDF or any other standard format.

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Delivering 100% Customer Success

Achieving transparency, control, and governance across our international businesses was our biggest challenge with Anaplan. And now the individual businesses can do local management reporting with a deeper level of data for analysis. We’re running a close process across 40 countries and across four divisions, and OneStream has really helped our central teams monitor and control that close process with the level of detail in reporting that we need. Having both of those things together has been important for us. OneStream is such a deep product with so much capability. The potential really is huge.
Andy George | Finance Transformation Team

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Financial reporting is a standard accounting process that uses financial statements to disclose a company’s financial status and performance over a particular period, usually on an annual or quarterly basis. In simple terms, a financial report is critical for understanding how much money and capital an organization has, where the money is coming from, and where the money is going. Financial reporting is essential to enable investors and other stakeholders to make informed business decisions based on facts of the company’s financial health. Potential investors and banks will also use a company’s financial statements to decide if they want to invest or loan money to the enterprise. Typical financial reports include the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of changes in financial position also known as cash flow statements.

Management reporting is more targeted to internal stakeholders of an enterprise. The key to effective management reporting is the ability to compare actual results to the original budget, latest forecast or prior periods in order to spot key trends and understand how actual financial and operating results are performing against expectations. Material positive or negative variances in actual results must then be analyzed. In doing that analysis, Finance and operations teams can better understand the underlying issues so that corrective recommendations or decisions can be made to steer the results in the right direction.

Financial reporting software helps organizations generate their financial and management reporting – bringing enterprise data together in a single database where it can be structured and organized and then formatted in a variety of ways. This includes actual financial and operating results, as well as budgets and forecast scenarios. Effective financial and management reporting and analysis can be difficult when the actuals, budgets and forecasts are sitting in multiple spreadsheets or different CPM software applications and must be joined and normalized before a comparison is even possible.

Combining data like this adds extra time and effort to the process and often yields substandard results if the comparisons cannot be supported at the right level of detail. An analysis is much easier to perform when the actuals, plans, budgets and forecasts are all available in the same system, with a common set of reporting tools creating the ability to drill down into the underlying details in real-time to answer questions and quickly take action — in order to lead at speed.

Financial and management reporting ultimately comes in many forms, depending on the needs of the stakeholders. This includes the following:

  • Graphical dashboards and scorecards for executives and senior management
  • Standard financial statements, board books and presentations for board members, product line or divisional P&Ls for line-of-business management
  • Profitability analysis by product, customer or channel for product managers, customer service and channel managers
  • Ad-hoc analysis and scenario modeling capabilities for Finance and Operations analysts

Organizations that can standardize on a single financial reporting software solution that can handle the broad reporting and analysis requirements of different stakeholders can generate more timely and accurate results as compared to organizations relying on multiple reporting tools to support their various reporting and analysis requirements.

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