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eXtended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) Software

Image credit: Gartner, Inc., July 2021.
Gartner defines eXtended planning and analysis (xP&A) as an evolution of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) that aligns operational planning with an enterprise’s financial performance.

Whether your organization calls it xP&A, Integrated Business Planning or Connected Planning – CFOs must think differently to deliver the potential of unified planning across the enterprise

Unify Fragmented Planning Processes and Solutions

OneStream provides a Single, Extensible Data Model and Platform Covering a Broad Range of Requirements.
Planning Solutions
Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
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Planning Solutions
Sales Planning & Operations Software
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Capital Planning Software
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People Planning Software
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Cash Planning
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Close and Reporting
Financial Signalling Software
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AI Forecasting Software (Sensible ML)
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Predictive Analytics 123
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Delivering 100% Customer Success

Dril-Quip was looking to roll out a company-wide, 18-month rolling driver-based forecast, where every quarter each departmental manager could enter their various global drivers to help pre-populate revenue, salary, depreciation and expenses. OneStream was able to provide a unified platform to help implement financial, sales, capital and people planning. Pre-populating the forecast for users provides more time for departments to analyze their data, make any necessary adjustments, and provide variance comments.
Trevor Ashurst | Manager for Financial Planning & Analysis and Investor Relations
“BDO loads 10 million records nightly, which is transformed into 30 to 40 million rows of data in OneStream’s Analytic Blend engine, with over 300 trillion cell intersections. After a few hours of processing, this data is then available to BDO’s users via their interactive dashboards. “We now have happy users who are able to absorb information they way they want with self-service reporting dashboards.”
Lynn Calhoun | CFO
“Now that we’re live, I can truly attest to and appreciate the value we’re getting from a single, integrated CPM platform. We have dramatically simplified our technical landscape while improving our reporting and analysis capabilities through the use of extensibility, self-service workflow-based reporting, etc.”
Ryan Wild | VP, Global Technology & Solutions
With impending growth and transition, we sought a solution that can support a program-driven planning process and complex calculations and modeling with the ability to expand. We had a very specific vision in mind, to not just to implement a more efficient and modern solution, but to immediately expand capabilities for commercial revenue planning and to monitor and manage the business while laying the digital foundation for future expansion. We wanted to make sure we were able to do the things we needed to do now and get set up for the future. Everything and anything is possible with OneStream. Dare to dream.
Alex Lee | Senior Director, Corporate FP&A

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Industry Recognition

See why OneStream has been recognized for vision and leadership.

Dresner EPM Market Study

OneStream named an Overall Leader in the Customer Experience Model and Vendor Credibility Models with a perfect recommend score.

In the 2022 Dresner Advisory Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study, the leading enterprise performance management software solutions were evaluated on 33 criteria, based 100% on customer surveys. Download the report for an in-depth market analysis, adoption trends, industry capabilities and more!

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BARC The Planning Survey 22

OneStream Receives Top Rankings and a 100% Recommendation Score

The Planning Survey 22 is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning software users, conducted from November 2021 to February 2022. Download the Planning Survey 22 and see how OneStream compares with other software vendors. Read what customers have to say about their experience with OneStream.

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Nucleus CPM Technology Value Matrix

OneStream Software is a leader in the 2022 CPM Value Matrix.

In the 2022 CPM Technology Value Matrix, Nucleus Research analyzed the market for CPM products, evaluating companies based on their relative usability and functionality, as well as the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities. Their findings are based on customer feedback, product demonstrations, and conversations about the market with vendors and users.

Download the report to learn more about why OneStream Software was named a leader.

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As organizations take steps to inspire a data-driven, performance-based culture, Finance teams are redefining the mission of the Office of Finance by embracing the next evolution of processes and tools. The emergence of xP&A stands to transform traditional FP&A by extending collaboration with business partners and alignment of granular operational plans with financial goals. What does this mean?

  • The “lines” between operational and financial planning no longer exist.
  • Going forward, Finance teams will now be expected to serve as strategic business partners and help drive plans for Merchandising, Sales and Marketing, and Operations.
  • Finance must intelligently align these granular plans with the broader consolidated financial plans – and do it seamlessly and at scale.

CFO Dive defined XP&A as the idea that planning should go beyond traditional finance data to include the kind of data from all functions of the business that align with company goals. The key understanding what each function area is driving towards, how its goals contribute to the overall organization’s success, and then identify the data that measure each function area’s performance against its goals

Traditional FP&A

  • Annual Planning/Quarterly Forecasting
  • High-Level Financial Plan
  • Data Siloes & Disparate Systems
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up
  • Dependent on Expertise of Planners

New xP&A

  • Continuous, Real-Time Planning & Forecasting
  • Granular Operational Models & Solutions
  • Unified Platform for Planning
  • Driver-Based Simulations, Scenario Planning
  • Augmented with Predictive Forecasting & AI/ML

According to Gartner, by 2024, 70% of new financial planning and analysis projects will become extended planning and analysis (xP&A) projects, extending their scope beyond the finance domain into other areas of enterprise planning and analysis. xP&A involves looking at more varied types of data to allow for greater visibility into operations and better organizational decision-making.

For organizations beginning their XP&A journey, now is the perfect time for Finance teams to conquer the complexities of their “connected finance” processes. To move away from siloed decision-making. And to respond rapidly and effectively to the pace of change around them.

An effective XP&A platform also requires a unique set of features to technically enable real-time collaboration between Finance and Operations leaders in order to optimize performance. Here are some of the key features to consider as part of the due-diligence process:

  • Extensibility: An extensible platform enables Sales, Product Management, Marketing and Operations to plan at a granular level, such as a business driver, while still adhering to a corporate standard for consolidated reporting.
  • Data Blending: Data blending aligns both cube and relational database technology to XP&A processes by enabling users to develop operational plans that dynamically impact financial statements in real-time.
  • Financial Data Quality: Financial data quality adds depth to variance analysis and business insights by providing transparency and drill-through back to source systems and guided workflows to ensure accuracy when moving data between source systems.
  • Purpose-Built Solutions for Sales, Operations and HR: These solutions generate value for business partners with specific solutions that capture plans at the opportunity level (Sales planning), by capital project (Operations) and with detailed human capital data (HR).
  • Flexible Reporting and Analysis: Once detailed plans are complete, Finance and business leaders can build scenarios, conduct sensitivity analysis and leverage dashboards to align financial and business plans for executive reviews.

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