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Predictive Analytics 123

Predict with Confidence

Create, maintain and deploy predictive models across financial and operational planning processes.

Create Predictive Models

Automatically generate forecasts from over 10 built-in predictive model types. Eliminate reliance on separate systems, spreadsheets or non-finance resources.

Remove Bias

Create predictive models for forecast validation, seed baseline forecasts and focus on business value.

Increase Collaboration

Share insights and collaborate using OneStream’s reports and visualizations. Enhance dialogue with business partners on critical analysis and decision-making.

Key Features

Predictive Modeling Administration

Target select datasets, define forecast duration and define scenario types.

  • Administer predictive models for any data within OneStream Cube Views.
  • Create unique forecasts for long range planning, rolling forecast and annual planning.
  • Define target forecast scenarios for use within various planning processes.

Automatically Generate and Visualize Forecasts

Conquer the complexity of generating predictive models without data science expertise.

  • Choose from over 10 built-in forecast methods or automatically generate the highest performing models.
  • Model type includes Simple Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, Seasonal Additive, ARIMA, SARIMA, Holts- Winters.
  • Visualize predictive models vs. history for trend analysis.

Deploy Across OneStream

Leverage predictive models within OneStream forms, reports and dashboards.

  • Assist with the target setting to support strategic planning, budgeting and rolling forecasting.
  • Create baseline predictive forecast scenarios for comparison against bottom’s up forecasts from operational business partners.
  • Seed forecasts and plans with predictive models; enable users to focus plans such as adding or removing customers, plant shutdowns, new acquisitions, etc..

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