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Micropole BeLux

About Micropole BeLux

Micropole is a European consulting company with 1300 consultants in the group, of which 150 in BeLux. Micropole is not a generalist focusing on all possible processes within a company but has a clear focus on the niche “Analytics & Performance Management”.

This clear focus allows us to be the specialist in the market regarding maximizing the value of a company’s ‘data’. From strategy to implementation and innovation, this is always done step by step together with the customers themselves. Why? So that the customer acquires the necessary knowledge with their teams, and the implementation truly becomes ‘their solution’ and not another black box implemented in a corner by a consulting company. The combination of functional and application experience are the keys to success here.

At Micropole, we have a passionate team called Finance Transformation & Performance, fully dedicated to helping CFOs and their finance departments. Nico Sacré heads that as Director of Finance Transformation & Performance.

Besides a clear focus on SAP Analytics in combination with or without Hyperscalers (MS, AWS, Google) for big data & AI, this team also focuses on Performance Management.

Partner Level:


EMEA – Belgium & Luxembourg

Contact Number:
Company phone number: +32 (02) 711 48 48
Nico Sacré, Director Finance Transformation & Performance: +32 (0)473233580
Kirsten Van Huffel, Marketing: +32 (0)472539536

Contact Email:
Company info mail: [email protected]
Nico Sacré, Director Finance Transformation & Performance: [email protected]
Kirsten Van Huffel, Marketing: [email protected]

Website Address:

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