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Tax Provision Software

Align Tax Provision with Reporting

Eliminate spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions, automate and streamline tax provision and reporting.


Eliminate spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions. Automate and streamline tax provision data flows and reporting.


Report consolidated and statutory Effective Tax Rate (ETR), generate footnotes and management reporting.


Align data and minimize reconciliation, automate reporting and export data to tax compliance systems. Leverage OneStream platform capabilities such as workflows, data auditability and confirmation rules. Tax can control its own data and process separate from Finance, and at the same time has access to finance data when required.

Key Features

Unified Data Collection

Automate and streamline tax data collection and validation and ensure consistency in tax calculations.

  • Leverage the same trial balance load for tax provisioning as for financial reporting.
  • Collect supplemental data through standardized data entry forms using a single point of entry.
  • Apply standard repeatable tax provision calculations that can be extended to suit your company’s needs.

Data Alignment and Validation

Leverage a unified platform to minimize reconciliations. Automate reporting and export data to tax compliance systems.

  • Configurable input forms for tax rates, payments, and refunds, tax attribute detail, return to provision, current provision, deferred tax roll-forward, and tax account reconciliation.
  • Data exportable to tax compliance systems and importable from tax compliance to facilitate the return to provision true-up.

Integrated Reporting

Report consolidated and statutory ETR, generate footnotes and management reporting.

  • Generates current tax expense, deferred tax expense, and deferred tax assets and liabilities.
  • Configurable reporting that enables footnote disclosure reports.
  • Perform tax account reconciliation, report on consolidated and statutory ETR.

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Delivering 100% Customer Success

“Using OneStream’s Tax Provision solution has been a big improvement over the spreadsheet approach we were using before. For example, with OneStream we were able to efficiently consolidate our tax footnotes and financial statement disclosures, eliminating the previously manual process.”
Jennifer Korrie | Corporate Tax Manager

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