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Certification Process

Helpful Resources

Learn about what to expect when scheduling your exam, identification requirements, exam functionality, and how to prepare to take exams.

Exam Delivery Partner

Learn about our partnership with Examity, how the testing process works, and how OneStream certification exams offer candidates a flexible and secure way to take proctored exams at a convenient time and online from anywhere, anytime.
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Step-by-Step Registration

Learn about the entire registration process, view resources, tips, and videos to make sure you’re prepared at every stage. Discover tools and resources to help you out prior to taking the exam, learn about costs, vouchers, Beta exams, special requests, requirements, rules, technical support, cancellations, etc.
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What to Expect While Taking an Exam

Learn all about the exam experience, from getting your exam space and hardware set up (and in compliance with exam requirements), to learning how to navigate the exam environment and communicating with the proctor. You’ll have access to exam preparation tips and a video that provides you with a visual understanding of the exam experience.
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