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Certification Resources

Learn about the OneStream’s Testing Policies and exam security protocols prior to taking your exam.

Learn about OneStream’s Testing Policies and Exam Security

OneStream certification holders are highly valued IT Professionals. Customers, colleagues, and employers are confident that OneStream IT certification holders have the knowledge and expertise to effectively administer, architect, or provide consulting services on OneStream products. Protecting this value benefits you, as well as OneStream.

  • You invest a considerable amount of time, expense, and expertise to prepare for and complete a OneStream technical exam, which is undermined by those who engage in exam misconduct.
  • Exam misconduct enables less qualified individuals to compete for the jobs and benefits YOU deserve.
  • Exam misconduct erodes confidence in both OneStream programs and your skills as a certified IT professional and can lead to security and liability risks for your customers and/or employer.
  • To confidentially report suspected cases of misconduct, please contact the Certification team by submitting a case form on the ServiceNow Support Portal.

OneStream takes great interest to ensure that appropriate exam security measures are maintained, and such measures are an essential aspect for upholding a reputable program. OneStream actively investigates and takes corrective action against individuals and organizations who attempt to compromise the security of our exams or engage in any form of exam misconduct.

  • Use of brain dump sites or purchased exam preparation questions is prohibited.
  • Read each exam question carefully and respond based on knowledge gained from training and study material that was only offered directly by OneStream or a OneStream Partner.
  • Penalties for violating any policy can include a lifetime ban on all future exams and the nullification of all previous certifications.
  • Prior to taking the exam, you must acknowledge and agree to the referenced terms and conditions that misconduct can be determined by statistical analysis. It is therefore in application of such rule that OneStream has the right to invalidate exam results and apply a ban for re-taking exams if a security violation is identified through statistical anomalies.

OneStream Press

Learn about working with OneStream to encourage and support the development of accurate technical textbooks, and also the potential of getting a book off the ground.

OneStream Press