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How to Claim and Share

You Earned It! Share It!

The Process

Simply adjust your Credly account settings to automatically accept badges issued to you. <!–You can watch the step-by-step process in the video Credly How To: Manage your badge. Note that while the video shows badge email notifications coming from Credly, your email notifications will come from OneStream.–>

Take advantage of the features offered on Credly’s platform:

  • Showcase your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Download your badge image and URL to embed in a résumé, website, or email signature.
  • Personalize your profile on the Acclaim platform.
  • Explore labor market insights and job opportunities. Watch the video Credly How To: Explore labor market insights to see how easy it is to quickly discover opportunities in your market.

Your digital credential is one more way that OneStream supports the development and recognition of your professional skills. Take advantage of this program to accelerate your career growth.

Learn more about frequently asked questions.

Download the Digital Credentials and Badges FAQ

Claiming Certificate

Claiming your OneStream digital credential is simple. After you have earned a digital credential, you will receive an email from OneStream with instructions regarding claiming your badge. To claim your badge:

  •  Click the link in that email.
    TIP: To facilitate timely delivery of all notices pertaining to this program, please whitelist the following email addresses: certification@OneStreamSoftware.com and admin@credly.com
  •  Create an account on Credly’s platform.
    Credly is a third-party platform, whose privacy practices differ from OneStream’s. If you provide personal data to Credly, your data is governed by their privacy statement
  • You will be sent a link in a confirmation email. Click the link to complete the confirmation process.

Claiming future badges is as easy as clicking the link in the notification email and logging into our your Credly account.

Get noticed! Add your OneStream certification credential to your LinkedIn profile.

Download The Digital Credentials And Badges FAQ

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